The Blood Mysteries – Feminine Sexual Initiations

The feminine s$xual initiations coded into female biology share links to lunar cycles. This online course will provide keys to support an empowered relationship to your emotional energies, creative and destructive cycles, and erotic life force power. Most women were not initiated into their power by their family or culture and remain at war with their biology. This online course with real-time sisterhood sharing circles will allow you to heal, awaken and align with the gifts and powers of being born into a female body. Even fewer men have had access to these teachings that reveal a deeper understanding of the women in their life, the rhythms they flow in as well as how to integrate the creative and intuitive powers of their own inner feminine energy. This new online course offered by ISTA Lead Facilitator, ARAMINTA BARBOUR is open to both our brothers and sisters to sit in circle together with the intention of freeing our minds and our emotional bodies from layers of cultural shame, fear, and taboo around the power of women’s blood, bodies and sexual energy. Opening up to the wisdom encoded in the cycles of the moon, we will walk through the triple goddess archetypes reflecting on the powers of creation and destruction inherent in women’s biology and reclaim the keys to our own sexual and emotional life force energy. This will be a deeply transformational dive into ancient teachings to reclaim the sacredness and power of our blood and heal the unconscious wounding perpetuated between the sexes.
Araminta · March 9, 2021

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