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Conscious Endings

Lemanja August 28, 2020

How can we liberate ourselves from the narrow framework society pushes us into around endings as always ‘FAILURES’?

The old model with love and relating tells us that the only success is a relationship that lasts until death. Is that a helpful model for understanding the truth of human experience with love and relationships?

What if love’s purpose was not to make us happy but to transform us and teach us? What if the real relationship we are in – until death – is the one we have with ourselves?

How would your perspective change about this ending in your life, if the entire point of relating was to teach you about you? What have you learned? What if there hasnt been a failure or a fuck up? What if you can honor yourself for the life force that is propelling you into the unknown rather than sit in a story that you are bad? Even if you can hold this perspective/ possibility as true for a few moments, do.

Assignment 9 – Sit in meditation to ground and still yourself and then free journal for 5-10 minutes examining where you may be framing this chapter as a failure in any way. Begin to play with your ability to shift out of this framing and rewriting a new narrative exploring the possibility that this chapter is showing you about the life cycle that includes endings and teaching you about yourself.

Share about your experience reframing this ending consciously in your life away from the ending = failure model here.