Relationship Masterclass

Araminta · September 8, 2020

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of the Law of Attraction and apply it to love and relationships? Relationships take time and a great deal of energy. Are you investing yours wisely? Have you given up on having the partnership you deeply wish for? Could your heart be armored from past pain and blocking you from creating a loving life today?

Join the Founder of Live More Perfect Days, Gareth Pickering, as he interviews international coach, speaker, and transformational facilitator, Araminta Barbour, for a special masterclass aimed at helping you fall back in love with the journey of love. 

In this training you’ll learn:

  1. To Understand Love â€“ The sacred purpose of love, sexuality and relationships.
  2. To Overcome Fear â€“ How to overcome the fear of rejection and go for what you truly desire
  3. To Heal Past Experiences â€“ How to heal from painful emotions and past experiences
  4. To Understand Your Shadow â€“ Learn about your shadow and how it may be sabotaging your relating
  5. How to Declutter the Past â€“ The vital importance of decluttering your past to create space for your ideal future
  6. How to use Sex Magic â€“ How to use Sex Magic to supercharge your manifestation journey

This is the replay of the event.

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